Our History

AgSeeds Unlimited was founded in 1975 by Yoshio “Ping” Oda. In its beginnings it primarily served the needs of processing tomato growers in the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys. AgSeeds has expanded and diversified over the last 40 years to include a wide range of agronomic crops, other vegetable seeds, nursery seedlings, plus custom seeding and transplanting in its portfolio of products and services.

Early on AgSeeds recognized the key to success as a retailer is to add value to each member of its supply and distribution network. AgSeeds also recognized the improvement of agricultural genetics is a continuous process, which demands extensive field and laboratory testing.

AgSeeds success is driven by its ability to identify performance improvements in new genetics that will contribute to the profitability and sustainability of California’s agricultural sector. AgSeeds has become a stand out in the seed industry for being a conduit of technical knowledge. Suppliers, growers, and processors alike have come to rely on AgSeeds accurate, unbiased information when making data driven decisions.

When AgSeeds was founded in 1975, providing excellent customer service was one of our core values; that’s still the case today. Integrity, trust, reliability, leadership, and commitment aren’t just catch phrases to us; we live those values through our daily work. With more than 200 years of collective experience in plant genetics among our team members our track record is proven. It’s the reason we service over 600 growers across California. Growers know they can count on AgSeeds for science, for service and the best selection of genetics available.