Ag Seeds can supply you with your commercial growing needs on a variety of crops. We work with our suppliers to provide you with the highest quality seeds and transplants.

Processing Tomatoes

Ag Seeds is a leader in tomato processing. We offer over 100 commercial and experimental varieties and participate in field trials across California.


For over 25 years, we have provided our customers premium transplants and industry leading services.


Most of California's corn crop is grown for silage and some for grain or human consumption.


Alfalfa is one of the most palatable forages that is enriched in high energy and protein for dairy cattle as well as other types of livestock. 

Fresh Market Vegetables

California is the top producing state for fresh market vegetables, accounting for over half of the U.S. total production. 

Cover Crops

Cover crops help manage soil erosion, soil fertility, soil quality, water, weeds, pests, diseases, biodiversity, and other benefits.


Forages play a dynamic role in providing tremendous livestock nourishment while maintaining other environmental benefits.

Field Crops

In 2019, there was over 2 million acres of field crops harvested in California alone.


Cereal grains are grown in the largest volume and deliver more food energy worldwide than any other crop.